Personal Transformation Sessions

- Covering issues such as Anxiety, Feeling Blocked, Stuck, Anger, Depression, Confusion, Grief, Heaviness, Tension, Releasing limited conditioning, Family Lineage Karmic Clearing, Soul Aspects, Inner child aspects Rescuing and Connection to joy, Past Lives, Relationships, Limiting Beliefs Laws of Attraction, Manifesting your ideal life, Opening Connection to Joy, love, Peace, Passion, Purpose, etc.

Troy is extremely passionate about personal empowerment, laws of attraction, pulling down old limited programming, and connecting people with joy, passion and purpose in life.

His sessions are an INTENSIVE and SEARCHING exploration of your belief systems, emotions and the constructs of the reality you are creating for yourself, in order to release any old conditioning or unresolved parts or aspects. These Aspects can pull you away from where you want to be in life and continue to do so until released. Once unresolved or frozen aspects from the past are released, you are able to connect with higher frequency of emotions such as joy, happiness, peace, passion and love.

The sessions are a sacred and purely intuitive space to unpack and release limited conditioning, using powerful energy-medicine modalities such as EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, The Work of Byron Katie.

Currently working out of Pelican Waters (Caloundra).

Infinite Blessings