Holistic Australia is a website that will be offering Networking for Natural Therapists, Advertising, Information and Products associated with Complementary Medicine.
Signing up is free, which means networking for our members is available for free.
We will charge a $20 annual fee for advertisng. This will be in the form of your own special web page that will include an up to date SEO infrastructure so your services can be found first time every time, links to your website, email, and Association Details so your professional status will be reflected always.
If you want a page similar to your website or you have an idea in mind for the design of your webpage you can contact our webmaster and this service will be added for a small extra charge. We know the importance of individuality and a professional layout will be our priority. As a defult service we will have a number of templates available at your disposal and you will always be able to add your logo for the purposes of individuality.
As Natural Therapists we take great pride in our skills and achievments and our ability to place our hands, or our etheric hands on our patient and give them a gift of healing and improve their quality of life. For many this is an innate ability and intuition plays a big part in our practice. We can share our experiences and give others a chance to develop their intuative skills. We can be mentors to the next generation and help pass on the healing arts.