Welcome to Hol Aus, please feel free to browse around and check out what our unique site has to offer. Whether your a Natural therapist, Health Professional or someone looking for a quality treatment by one of our members, I am sure this is the site for you. Although we take our business seriously we are aware of the Universal energies that surround us and abide within us, helping us to be true to ourselves and respect the awesome gifts we possess. We are stewards of an amazing network of healing energy and we are responsible for how we use it and who we effect. If we network in the etheric realm why don't we complete the circle and put names and faces to those we already know in spirit.


 I do have a need to promote my own business as an Oriental Remedial Therapist


Why stop at just promoting myself? Why not promote other Therapists and their Modalities!


 It's not about competition, It's about Universal Wellness, If your hurting I am hurting


Not only can you network, you can be seen in an alternative light and that is exposure